Our Process

This is how we pull it off!

How we work:

We follow the process as prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board. We deal in two segments of electronic/electrical equipments- working and non-working.

The first is the core of our business operations that is the recycling of discarded/obsolete electronic/electrical materials. We have the required technological expertise to handle any sorts of e-waste that comes to our facility. Our processes are uniquely designed to address the requirements of each segment of e-waste. After the materials are transported safely to our recycling facility, the e-waste get segregated and are treated according to the needs.

Our license permits us to collect working equipments and sell it to refurbishers for reuse. This is done in compliance with the government rules that promote reuse of electronic product rather than directly going for recycling.

Our first objective is to destroy any data that might be present in the equipments. This is done to address the issue of data leak. The e-waste is then set for recycling and proper processes are followed.

Firstly, manual dismantling happens, followed with shredding and granulating. Finally, Plastic, Metal and Glass are drawn out and are sent to different industries for meeting their needs. The hazardous substances extracted out of the e-waste, before or after the recycling process are stored separately and are treated in a controlled environment through an authorized industrial hazardous waste management company.

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