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Our objective is to provide a complete and sustainable solution to e-waste disposal situation in India. We are mooted with the idea to ensure e- waste recycling in a safe and controlled atmosphere assuring zero health or environmental hazards and maximum recovery efficiency. We have a state of the art de-manufacturing plant in Howrah, where the e-waste is lined up for sorting, dismantling and shredding. Our team of professionals work to draw out the hazardous substance from the e-waste and store them safely. The technology used at our facility is designed to provide maximum output and low carbon footprint.With the right use of technology, we can make a sea change in e-waste management scenario. The e-waste generated has a lot of precious metals and minerals.

With the help of proper mechanism, we not only extract these metals but also bring it back to its natural/purest form. This way we can fight away the problem of depleting natural resources; as these metals are secondary resource and can be used directly for various purposes. This reduces the need to look for more natural resource directly from the earth. Some might say we are in the trade of urban mining. This provides a great sustainability to the environment and ensures that the future is safe for all of us. We provide easy and effective recycling options to our clients, they can manage their e-waste with the help of our services. This not only helps them fulfill their Extended Producer Responsibility, but also provides immunity from legal actions.