Hulladek Recycling launched a campaign on India’s 73rd Independence Day called ‘Freedom from E-Waste.’  According to the recent UN Reports, India is the third largest producer of electronic and electrical waste after USA and China. The major challenge of electronic and electrical waste is the lack of awareness about the harmful effects of unethical disposal.

Since awareness is the first step towards change, we connected with some inspiring individuals in India to help us spread the word about the e-waste menace. The agenda behind this campaign was to reach out to their audiences and followers. We roped in youth icons such as Kirti Bhoutika, MasterChef of India to motivate people to recycle their e-waste. Furthermore, we also collaborated with a few nano-influencers to penetrate the demographic segment of teenagers and young adults.

We were elated by the enthusiasm of such prominent individuals who joined the bandwagon to paint the world green! With this our team, forayed into the genre of influencer marketing bringing in a huge audience to our social media platforms.