About Us

Welcome to the Hulladek way of life.

Our Mission

Let’s paint the world green.

Embedded in the evergreen mantra of Reduce | Re-Use | Recyle, we, at Hulladek strive to manage the electronic and electrical waste of the country. We are on a quest to inspire and conquer the hearts of our stakeholders and foster the belief of a green and sustainable earth. We do this in multiple ways. We serve as ideal partners to the EEE business to effectively meet their stringent EPR targets under a stipulated time-frame. We assist in setting up state-of-the-art, state-compliant waste collection and recyling centres. We also work towards building a strong community of responsible, aware and driven citizens who would be our ambassadors of a better tomorrow – who not only respond and participate in our drives and initiatives, but also actively lead waste management campaigns.

Our Vision

Minimum Waste, Maximum Value.

We, at Hulladek, envision a greener world, where every member of the consumption change, be it the producer, the middle man, or the consumer, are conscientious and motivated enough to extract the maximum value from the resources they use, before choosing effective, efficient and eco-friendly recycling and disposal practices to discard their used items. We strive to establish error-free, stakeholder-friendly networks, to ensure sustainable collection and channelization of e waste for disposal.

Our Journey

Eight years, five milestones and over three million kgs of e waste later, we are here!

At the time of its inception, we, at Hulladek Recycling, were a small team of six people, who shared the vision to make our name synonymous to conscientious e waste recycling and safe disposal practices. As a part of our awareness drive, we began conducting interactive sessions at various schools across East India to lay the foundation of educating, motivating and equipping the youth to share our cause for a greener tomorrow. In the first year itself, our company was successful in recycling 36,000 kgs of e waste.

Enthralled after a successful inaugural year, we picked up thunderous pace in our marketing and business development efforts during the second year. We started approaching different, promising sectors such as corporations, hotels and hospitals to partner with us for e waste collection and disposal. Our pioneering team was quick to realise that we needed to build more credibility and value to convince conglomerates to collaborate with the Hulladek brand. Thus, we began co-branding activations and events in association with renowned aggregators such as Uber, Ola and Zomato to put our name on the map. The stupendousness of our success can be measured by the fact that we met our first milestone – collecting a minimum of 10,000kgs of e waste every month that year.

This was the year when we conducted our first annual meeting for stakeholders. By this time, our company’s efforts and measurable success as a recycler of e waste had begun to get noticed and recognised. Thus, Silicon India felicitated us by featuring us among the Top 10 Most Promising e waste Service Providers in the country. We also signed our largest contract till date in 2017, when we partnered with Webel Technology Limited to be their principal e waste collector in the state.
We, at Hulladek, also met our second milestone of having successfully managed the collection and recycling e waste for over 150 clients that year.

2018 was a landmark year with regard to the various policy changes that our company underwent, as well as the accolades that we won to our name. Due to the Government-stipulated revisions in the e waste Management Rules, 2016, we upgraded Hulladek’s functional status to be a Producer Responsibility Organization. We also expanded our geographical scope of e waste management as a business in 2018, by signing on our first franchise partner in North-East India. This was also the year when we realised that now, with a team of over thirty employees, some restructuring processes are in order. Thus, separate departments and teams, with a structural hierarchy and divisional responsibilities came into formation.

We, at Hulladek, met our goal of having the first “one-million-kg in our bin” mark in 2019. Our employment practices and company policies got much recognition and appreciation due to the fact that our core team of decision-makers and top management consisted primarily of women. We successfully managed to establish a relationship with TATA Group, the first association of which came into play when we worked with them at their Steel division at JUSCO, in Jamshedpur.
It was also in 2019 when our CEO and founder was featured as one among the Top 25 Entrepreneurs of India, alongside names such as Zivame and Oyo.

2020 has been a difficult year for businesses all across the globe. We, at Hulladek, rose to the challenge and took it in our stride to continue with our operations with the best of our abilities while maintaining the WHO guidelines. Since we are a young company, adapting to virtual workspace was relatively easier for us. We started conducting online awareness programs for students and corporates in several parts of the country. In spite of the scenario world-wide, we managed to collect 75 tonnes in a single month. We also successfully launched over 10 collection points all over India – including Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh. These collection centres have enabled us to reach out to individually in different parts of the country. The icing on the cake was being featured by India Today.

In 2021 we achieved the milestone of executing 10000 pickups from individual households The increase in generation of waste is a concern and over the years we have seen some awareness about disposal and recycling of waste People around us are waking up to this problem and also looking for solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment We have seen a drastic change in consumer behavior in the last 7 years Hulladek has played a significant role in changing consumer mindsets Since our inception one of our key focus areas has been creating awareness and encouraging people to move towards a circular economy Our campaigns Sabko Batao EWaste Ghatao and Make India Ewaste Free are all directed towards educating people about efficient waste disposal practices

Director’s Message

To waste is a lifestyle. So I made it my way and source of living to change this very trait through strategic thought and action.

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Mr. Nandan Mall

Founder & CEO of Hulladek Recycling

"I didn't have to be very old to realise that I was born in a country where people thought that streets had the alter egos of dustbins, while garbage bins were essentially looked upon as decor, only to be peered at and vandalised, but never really used. That, paired with the fact that my growing years were accentuated by the mammoth increase and popularity of electronics and the internet - the idea of Hulladek was more of an inspired vision, rather than a business."

Associated Partners

Together, we will be the change we wish to see in the world.