Christmas with kids

Christmas with kids


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Tis’ the season to sparkle! Isn’t it?

December marks not only the end of the year but also the beginning of all things festive.

From parties with friends to barbeques with family, this month is about celebration galore.

In the daze and glimmer of the December sky, do we ever look at the ones without friends and family? Do we think about the ones out in the cold, while we are snuggling in our blankets inside? Do we think of the ones craving for hot water while we sip on our hot chocolates?

This time, we do.

2020 has been a year of introspection and realisations. The highs and lows of this year compelled us to sit back and retrospect. Are we doing enough? How can we give back more?

Christmas is all about making the children feel special. On 19th December 2020, Team Hulladek celebrated Christmas with the underprivileged children of Shri Gandhi Vidhyalaya. We prepared a surprise for the kids who were expecting something ordinary. We donned the hats of Santa for the underprivileged students and gifted them their Christmas fantasy! 

Our CEO, Mr. Nandan Mall put on a Santa costume and carried a bag full of goodies for the children. The children were delighted to be receiving gifts from a “real” Santa (or that’s what they thought). We danced and sang Christmas carols with all of them. Laughter and joy filled the air which more than made up for all the effort that had gone behind the event. 

We were overwhelmed to have fulfilled the wishes of over 100 children on the same day. We wish and hope to continue making Christmas special for these children in the years to come!


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