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On site Data destruction process of Hulladek Recycling

No matter what sort of business you run, if you handle any sort of data on a computer, you have to think about Data destruction, especially when it comes to recycling your computing equipment. Many businesses may not think that this is very important to them, since companies trust that their machines are secure as they mostly deleted or formatted their device. However, this is not enough to protect data as it can be recovered at any point of time. Therefore, we ensure that once the machines are passed on to us, we destroy any data before recycling the machine.

We offer data destruction services to fit your requirements and insure you are following your industry. This is a genuine cause of concern, as significant company data is stored in the HDD and losing them to a third party can result in losing their competitive edge in the industry. Therefore, to eliminate this risk of data leak. We provide data wiping facility; this service can be availed both on-site and off-site, as per the requirement of the client.

Methods of Implementation :

    We physically remove the hard drive from the system. For this we use a simple and cost efficient process. All we need is a screwdriver.
    Its best to physically destroy the old hard drive just to be 100% certain that the old data is completely destroyed.
    We do this while wearing protective goggles, gloves, and a dust mask for our mouth and nose take a drill and a metal drill bit to the drive. We drill through the drive completely from one side to the other, and we to do this multiple times. Two important areas to drill through are the platters and the controller board.

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Data destruction