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Hulladek Recycling celebrated World Clean Up Day on 17th September 2021 with a River Clean Up Drive at Mullick Ghat in association with Y-East and The River Rangers.

The weather forecast showed thunderstorms and heavy rainfall and the drive was officially cancelled as the muddy ghat gets hazardous under such conditions.

However, volunteers had already reached the ghat before the rains hit, and despite these extreme weather conditions, went ahead with the cleanup drive.


And as they say, if you set out for something good, the universe conspires to help you with it.
It stopped pouring the moment we reached the ghat and the rains resumed as soon as the clean-up drive was complete. Mother Nature never fails to amaze us!

We redirected our efforts towards the inner flower market which is adjacent to the ghat and collected around 300kg of waste. We also involved kids from the local community and spread awareness among the locals who were more than happy to be a part of this initiative.

We diverted the waste from reaching the Ganga River body with the help of enthused students from the NSS Unit of Bangabasi Morning College, NetNada, Y-East, Techno India Group, ADMYBIN and EARTHDAY.ORG.


It’s time we realize the importance of our water bodies and stop treating them as dumping grounds for our waste. There have been multiple studies showing how waste dumped in rivers and oceans are mistakenly consumed by aquatic animals not only resulting in a threat to their life, but also to the people consuming seafood.

We look forward to more clean-up drives with participation in larger numbers and hope together we can make Ganga waste free.