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Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a responsibility given to producers, importers and brand owners (PIBOs) for environmentally sound disposal/recycling of post-consumer waste generated by their products under The Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 (amendment 2018). Hence, the waste generators, who are usually brand owners/producers of plastic, delegate their requirement of having to collect back the post-consumer waste generated through their business to third party organisations. Such third parties have been termed as a Waste Management Agencies. Hulladek in association with its partners is wokring to bridge the gap between PIBOs and the recyclers or coprocessors.

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Why work with Hulladek?

The latest addition to Hulladek’s service offering is the launch of plastic waste management services. Hulladek Recyling’s contribution in the purview of plastic waste management will be targeted towards facilitating waste handling and proper disposal process in its entirety, and helping the PIBOs (Producers, Importers & Brand Owners) of plastic to fulfil their responsibilities related to this context.

To elucidate this statement further, below mentioned are the four broad spheres in which we will be demarcating our work regime:


  • Consistent assistance in identifying the technical and quantitative requirement in the collection of plastic waste that needs to be executed to make PIBOS of plastic EPR compliant.
  • Hassle-free execution, where we ensure the signing of required agreements that meet the compliances as specified by CPCB. For this, we have tie ups with ULBs, recyclers&co-processors of plastic waste to fulfil your compliance need.
  • Facilitating the collection and channelisation process of the required quantity of plastic waste.
  • Thorough creation and maintenance of the requisite documentation and certification along with assistance of timely filing of returns for the required quantity of waste collected.
  • Executing awareness activities on improper disposal of plastic waste.
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    How to be EPR compliant?

    • Step 1: Identify your yearly targets.
    • Step 2: Choose your Waste Management Agency or Disposal partners.
    • Step 3: Prepare an action plan as per the Plastic waste management SOP.
    • Step 4: Collection, Transportation, Recycling/ Coprocessing by your WMA.
    • Step 5: Filing Half Yearly/Quarterly Returns.