FIRST EVER installation in Kolkata made completely out of e-waste!

FIRST EVER installation in Kolkata made completely out of e-waste!


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Hulladek Recycling reaches Avani Riverside Mall in Howrah, West Bengal during this festive season. We collaborated with the Green Mall of the city which promotes sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. We installed a sculpture made completely out of electronic and electrical waste at one of the entrances of the mall. The main objective of this activation was to create awareness about the problem of e-waste.

For mankind, advancement of technology has surfaced in twin shades. Better connectivity, better medical facilities, better educational applications, efficient workflows, and improved communication are positives. Generation of e-wastes, leading to land and water pollution are its negatives. While the former has improved life and living, the latter threatens to adversely impact that.

Created from different e-wastes, this installation is about protecting the environment through acts of responsibility. The maze arrangement in foreground denotes the enticement of technology. We know the way in, but we never really know to unshackle its control. The green human figure mid ground, with a globe and e waste, denotes struggle of mankind to leverage the positives of technology while saving the environment from its ill-effects. The wrapped around wires, constant and real threat of pollutionand degradation, we are all being sucked into.

Heartening are the acts of Hulladek, leaving real and significant impact. Through its recycling approach to e-waste management, Hulladek is contributing to keep the planet green. Like a tree, it symbolizes life, growth, and positivity

Over the span of the month, we witnessed how many Calcuttans were interested in learning about and participating in activities that can make the city a greener an cleaner place to live in.We received an overwhelming response from individuals at Avani Riverside Mall. Not only did they click pictures with our sculpture, but several people also donated their electronic waste to us.


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