Hulladek Recycling has always fostered the belief of a green and sustainable earth. This intent has driven us to commit towards managing the electronic and electrical waste in this country. We are the initiators of e-waste management and formalised the largely unorganised sector in eastern part of India. The objective was to help the various organization who are the producers (Importers, Manufacturers and Refurbisher) of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) meet their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as prescribed in the CPCB’s E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018.

We have a robust and transparent operational model that helps meet producers meet their EPR targets within the stipulated timeframe. We help in setting up collections centres and ensure sound recycling of the e-waste as per the norms laid down by the government. The emphasis on creating public awareness regarding the e-waste disposable through the help of various campaigns is also a part of our strategy.

At Hulladek, the importance of “circular economy,” is acknowledged and thus we encourage that the resources are used as long as possible, they are extracted to its maximum value and then recycled responsibly to ensure that our planet is always safe and green. Our individual skill set, technical knowledge, state of the art facility and a dedicated team makes us an ideal partner to all the organisation in meeting the goals and responsibilities under the E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018.

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Why Should You Recycle E-WASTE?

  • E-waste is a serious environmental problem, from toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soils in landfills, to the pollution to air and water supplies.

  • Exposure to e-waste can lead to adverse effect on human health. It can cause negative impacts on skin, liver, nervous, respiratory systems, reproductive, blood & nervous systems.

  • E-waste can cover up to 60 elements hazardous elements like Cadmium, lead & beryllium from the periodic table which can lead to serious negative repercussion.

  • E-waste has precious metal like silver, gold, palladium and so on. However, only 10-15 per cent of the gold in e-waste is successfully recovered while the rest is lost.

  • Giving away your e-waste to informal agents can lead to a potential threat of data theft.

  • Certified recyclers ensure that data is destroyed and no chance of recovery is possible.

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