Hulladek Recycling- BS Best Places to Work in 2019


Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, this famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi is deeply engraved in everyone’s heart and Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd. has been deeply inspired by these words. With the mission to make the world a greener and sustainable place to live, Hulladek Recycling has created a system that allows proper handling and disposal of e waste.

Comprehensive Offerings

With the vision of recycling the entire e waste of the country, Hulladek Recycling has introduced innovative practices in the field of e waste management. The organization is registered as Producer Responsibility Organization by Central Pollution Control Board, Govt of India and aims in providing end-to-end services in terms of documentation and compliance of their clients. They also collect electronic and electrical waste on their behalf and channelize the same for recycling. Hulladek works to minimize the issue of pollution and environmental degradation caused by improper disposal of Electrical and Electronic waste generated from different individuals and organizations.

Being Committed to Goals

Hulladek Recycling is a team led by youngsters falling under the age group of 30 years. It ensures that each employee has the freedom and enjoy working. Belonging to the same age group the team works with like-mindedness and understanding which further promotes unity, teamwork and cooperation. The creative route is taken to reach the respective goals with the guidance and suggestions of seniors along with the teammates. The company address all the concerns raised by the employees without delay and this instills confidence in them. They share mutual respect and understanding.

Moreover, the team is inspired by the company’s vision and mission and works dedicatedly to save the environment. The company takes all the precautions needed for the employees’ safety. Furthermore, being a POSH complaint, it gives a sense of security to the women employees of the organization. Hulladek Recycling is trying to build a culture that promotes inclusiveness and equality and to instill the same among the employees.

Exemplified Leadership

Mr. Nandan Mall, CEO at Hulladek Recycling is the third-generation entrepreneur who is currently working on developing Eastern India’s first e waste recycling unit. Being just 28 years, he is perhaps the youngest entrepreneur in this field. He pursued his Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and eventually earned his spot as a Business Development Manager at NIIT Kolkata. After his three-year career as a manager there, Mr. Mall decided it was time for a change of scenery and sold his business to use the amount as capital to fulfil his teenage dream of working towards e waste management. Waste management has always been a cause of concern in his city. People litter the roads even with dustbins 20 feet away and so to him bringing recycling into everyday lives was much more an inspirational job than business.

Key Feature of Hulladek Recycling

HulladekRecycling is an organization that is mainly led by young leaders.They consistently keep practicing role shuffling, IDT, impartingtraining related to work and personal development. This motivates theteam to work more freely and dedicatedly. Furthermore, the ‘opendoor policy’ of the management keeps the employees’content and avoids misunderstanding. The frequent redressal togrievances helps in avoiding unproductivity and negativity in theworkplace. At Hulladek, success is defined by not only individualgrowth but through communal growth. The organization has a very fastpaced growth structure. On the basis of performance and potential, anindividual in a short-span of time can easily climb up the ladder ofhierarchy. For instance, a young boy who joined the organization forlifting material three years back, today is heading the Logisticdepartment. Every employee’s success is celebrated and as it ismarked as Hulladek’s success.

A Glimpse of the Future

Hulladek is growing incredibly and has achieved 383% of growth since its birth. CEO, Nan-dan Mall says, “The contribution of our clients and our employees has made it possible for us to collect more than 3, 00,000 kg of e waste till the last year. From being a start-up in the city of Kolkata, today we are a major service provider in Eastern India and also extend our ser-vices on a PAN India basis. We are currently working with more than 1000 clients and have 100 contract clients. We also have branch offices via our channel partners in five other states of India.” Recently, Hulladek has launched its collection centre office in association with JUSCO situ-ated in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and looks forth to launch more of the collection centres by making channel partner in the Eastern states of India. They have also moved into consultancy services with government certification like BIS and are planning to cover more such certifica-tions through the consultancy wing in the future.

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