Hulladek Recycling – Comprehensive services of E-waste management


The need for someone to fix this very weakness of the society
had become critically essential before the situation turned dreadful. Headquartered
in Kolkata, Hulladek Recycling Private Limited was founded in 2015 by the environmentally
aware millennial, Nandan Mall to fulfil his childhood dream of working towards
e waste management with a mission to make this world a greener and sustainable place
to live.

Founder & CEO, Hulladek Recycling Private Limited is a third-generation entrepreneur
currently working on developing eastern India’s first e waste recycling unit.
He received his Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and
eventually earned his spot as a Business development manager at NIIT Kolkata.
Numerous roles of leadership throughout his life have proved his ability to
inspire. At 28, he is perhaps the youngest entrepreneur in this field. He has
won the  –


“National Green Future Leadership Award” in the year 2017, 2018,


In 2012, after the law on e waste Management was introduced
and the country was slowly and steadily adapting the same, Nandan decided this
was the right time to exercise his collective knowledge he gained working with recyclers
across the country as a sourcing agent.



The company is authorized and licensed by the Central Pollution
Control Board, for safe collection, transportation, segregation and disposal of
e waste under the e waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018. A container vehicle is
sent for the lifting of the e waste along with whatever manpower may be
required wearing all necessary PPEs.



If you have travelled to Kolkata or plan on doing so,you’ll
realize how big of a concern lies and its management is in this city. The
existence of waste disposal bins a few steps away hasn’t been a reason enough
for the locals to utilize the same.˜ The e waste is verified as per the
segregation list and changes are found in the count of weight the same is reported
to the necessary authorities.


“We function as a PRO (Producer Responsibility Organisation)
to facilitate the needs of producers, importers, and manufacturers and help
them comply with the rules of the land. At first, a prospective lead is generated
and our associates (sourcing department) approach them. An appointment is
confirmed, an agreement is signed by both the parties. After entering into a binding
agreement, a date is fixed for collection of the materials from the site” added


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