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Two locations of All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) have collaborated with Hulladek, and we set up collection centres at these points. Thus, residents in and

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Techno India

Residents in and around Sector V, Salt Lake can visit the Techno India University on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 2 PM to 5 PM

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ASUR Movie

Asur is a 2020 Indian Bengali-language drama film directed by Pavel. Hulladek Recycling had the pleasure to collaborate with the filmmakers, where our customers were

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BRC Campaign

Hulladek Recycling was a Green Partner at Bengal Rowing Club’s Tata Structura Marathon, held during January 2020. To engage with the marathon participants, as well

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We participated in the waste management exhibition held at JIS University, Kolkata. The Hulladek Stall at the event attracted a lot of eyeballs, for we

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BRC Marathon

We collaborated with Bengal Rowing Club, a popular, recreational, members-only facility situated in Kolkata, to conduct an awareness marathon, open for all public. As the

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Schools & Colleges

We conduct e-waste awareness sessions for students, staff and non-staff members in schools and colleges. Some of the best, and most stimulating questions are more

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When our client, Diamond Beverages, who run a bottling plant for Coca Cola, requested us to conduct an awareness session at their factory to inform

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