No Contact Pick-Up

No Contact Pick-Up

Photograph 19.06.20 225x300No Contact Jamshedpur

Hulladek provides door-to-door pick up services of electronic waste from corporates and individuals. As a waste management company, we believe in adhering to strict safety regulations for the safety of our customers as well as our logistics executives.

The global scenario at present has not stopped us from providing proper e-waste disposal solutions for our customers. We have been providing contactless pick-up services for our clients by adopting strict measures of safety. Our logistics executives are equipped with masks, gloves, head caps and face shields to avoid contact with anyone or any surface.

The CEO of Hulladek Recycling, Mr Nandan Mall said, “Hulladek has always believed in helping people by understanding the need of the hour. We understand that Coronavirus will not disappear overnight and drastic steps need to be taken in order to be in tandem with the new normal.”

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