Planning, execution, and control

What sets our logistic team apart from the rest?

At Hulladek, one of the strong points of our company is strong and well integrated logistic service. We are in partnerships with major logistics companies and can arrange pick up from any part of the country. Our Pan-India logistics service is coupled with timeliness, effective planning, flexibility and hassle free pickup.

Pan India Service

We at Hulladek Recycling operates as an Authorized Management Centre of Electronic Waste collecting IT & IT peripherals' including monitors, CPUs laptops, printers, scanners, air conditioners, Consumer Electronics, large electrical equipments, etc. Our topography in terms of the collection spans throughout India, we are authorized to collect waste from any part of the country. We collect, store transport and dispose of the e-waste in a manner, which causes no harm to the environment or the human health. We have authorized channel partners in Guwahati, Nagaland, Bangalore, Jharkhand and Haryana this makes us more accessible to our clients across the country.