Our Superwomen In Nagaland 300x155

Bendangwala Walling and Sowete Letro born and brought up in Dimapur realized the increase in e-waste generation, not only in their cities but also in the country. They incorporated E-Circle in 2018 in collaboration with Hulladek Recycling. Over the past 3 years, these girls have ensured collection and recycling of over 500 tonnes of electronic waste from Nagaland. They have worked tirelessly in creating awareness amongst people by conducting workshops in educational institutions, distributing pamphlets in different colonies, organizing collection drives and also painted the walls with graffiti. Bendangwala and Sowete have also reached out to several corporates and successfully disposed off their e-waste in a proper, environment-friendly manner. In the upcoming years, they are now planning to expand to different parts of Nagaland and other North-Eastern states.