India’s waste mangement industry is estimated to reach USD 35.87 billion by 2028

Hulladek Recycling provides opportunities for individuals to become a part of the rapidly growing waste management industry. There are primarily 2 ways in which an individual or an organization can partner with us:

50 active collection centers
15 franchisees
100+ drop off points

Find the closest drop-off point

Find the closest drop-off point

AIWC Laketown - West Bengal
Name Smt. Namita Shah
Phone 8620966033
Address B-248 Laketown Road, (Laketown Forest Nursery), Kolkata - 700089

Franchise Partner

Franchisee or Channel Partners are individuals who are interested in business opportunities of the waste management industry. Hulladek Recycling offers franchisees to individuals that would be willing to invest some capital into starting operations in the e-waste industry with the assistance of Hulladek under our name.

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Collection Centers

Community Collection Centers are community driven initiatives taken by NGOs, clubs and small organizations that want to actively participate in creating awareness about circular economy, climate action programs, waste management and recycling. These are essentially volunteer groups that plan, organize and execute community action towards collection and proper channelization of electronic and electrical waste. Presently, we have more than 50 such partners across the country that help cultivate the habit of recycling amongst people around them, especially the younger generation.

Collection Point

Collection Points are local drop-off points that are placed in educational institutions, offices and residential complexes to provide waste segregation at source. Our specialized E-waste Bins are placed within these premises. These are captive in nature and are accessible to only students, members and residents of the organization.