Producer Responsibility Organisation

According to the E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018, responsibility has been laid on to the producers of the Electronic and Electrical Equipment. They are required to manage their produce after its reaches end of life by setting up a proper channel for collection and recycling it in an environmentally sound manner. It is mandatory for all producers (including importers, e-retailers/online sellers/e-bay etc.) in India to seek EPR authorisation from the CPCB. Producers are required to have arrangements with authorised dismantlers/recyclers individually, collectively or by working with a Producer Responsibility Organisation

Producer Responsibility Organisation is an organisation that helps producers meet their EPR targets through various recyclers and dismantlers in the country. PRO is responsible for setting up a collection mechanism for the targeted material and creates awareness for recycling of e-waste. PRO helps a producer organization to meet their legal obligations only after a formal agreement has been drawn between the two parties. A PRO’s aim is to bring in more efficiency, cost-effectiveness and awareness while managing the end-to-end operations associated with waste management.

The way Hulladek recycling facilitates the PRO process in the following ways it takes the responsibilities for collection and channelization of e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management. In order to fulfil the target for e-waste collection given to the Producers, Hulladek approaches various dealers/distributors/bulk consumers and consumers of electronic waste. At first a prospective lead is generated and our associates (sourcing department) approach them. An appointment is confirmed via a telephonic conversation and/or mail confirmation. At the time of appointment, a business proposal is pitched and the operation process is explained. If the approached dealers/distributors/bulk consumers and consumers is interested a confirmation mail is sent and further details are discussed. An agreement is signed by both the parties. After signing of the contract, a segregation team is sent to the site for inspection and verification of electricals and electronics in unusable condition. After entering into a binding agreement, a date is fixed for collection of the materials from the site.

A container vehicle is sent for the lifting of the E-waste along with necessary number of manpower wearing all required PPEs. The E-waste verified as per segregation list and if any changes are found in count of weight the same is reported to the necessary authorities. A final weighment of the materials, if possible is done at the client’s premises. Materials found in broken/damaged condition are properly packed so as to not lead to any contamination during transportation. The materials are then brought to the collection centre in Foreshore road, Howrah. They are segregated and stored as per category of electronic waste and dusted and cleaned to avoid dirt.

The following collection schemes is undertaken to achieve the desired targets for the EPR clients

We also help in conducting awareness seminars.
Some of the images from our awareness seminars are given below.