Our Process

This is how we pull it off!

How we work:

We are licensed by the Central Pollution Control Board to act as Producer Responsibility Organization and help facilitate the various producer organisations to meet their EPR obligations as prescribed under the law.

The intent of our business is to ensure proper recycling of electronic and electrical waste by creating a channel which makes allows smooth movement till the final e-waste reaches it final stages of recycling. All kinds of electronic and electrical items which can be working or non-working in discarded or obsolete state is considered for recycling. With a robust operational network and technically sound professionals, the system of disposal is designed to assist our clients and helps them in saving the cost of recycling. We take provide complete solutions from collection, segregation, shredding, recycling and treatment of hazardous waste with synergies from our various partners.

Our license with CPCB allows us to tie-up with various organizations as PRO. We are authorized to set up collection centre and plan the system which would enable meeting of EPR targets on behalf of the partner company. All the recycling activities undertaken are under the purview of the law and strict abidance of the rules is the primary objective of our organization.

Firstly, the materials are picked from a site after inspection by our logistic team under expert supervision. The material is then transported to our warehouse where e-waste is sorted according to categories. Once sorting is done the respective e-waste is deported to our dismantling/recycling partners for further process.

The first course of action is to destroy any data that might be present in the equipment. This is done to address the issue of data leak. The e-waste is then set for recycling sent to different channels as per the recycling process. The following activities are undertaken in their facilities which include manual dismantling, followed with shredding and granulating. Finally, the plastic, metal or glass drawn out of the e-waste are transformed into sheets and forwarded to other industries in meeting their raw materials needs. The hazardous substances extracted out of the e-waste, before or after the recycling process are stored separately and are treated in a controlled environment through an authorized industrial hazardous waste management company.

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