Recycling and Certification

We act as e-waste managers and disposers on behalf of e-waste generating organisations, such as hospitals, hotels etc., to ensure efficient and safe recycling of waste.


One of the principal services offered by Hulladek Recycling is the recycling of e-waste, collected from individuals as well as companies.
We collect electronic and electrical waste from consumers, bulk consumers, as well as producers of EEE. This scrap, if not managed or recycled efficiently, by an authorized PRO like us, will be tossed into landfills. The toxic chemicals present in the e-waste will pollute the environment by seeping into the soil, and leeching into the water. When humans and animals inhale this polluted air, or consume the toxified water/soil, the ill-effects can be detrimental to their health and cause loss of life. 

Thus, we make it our mission to encourage individuals and corporates to donate their e-waste to us, which we recycle on their behalf, in collaboration with our recycling partners. Thus, once a pickup request is raised by getting in touch with us on our toll-free number, we schedule the collection of the e-waste from one’s home/office within 5-7 business days. The collected e-waste is then brought back to our warehouse, and destroyed to rid it off any data. It is then weighed and assessed, post which it is handed over to our partner recyclers for further processing. Once the processing is complete, a certificate stating that one’s company’s contribution is provided.


We, at Hulladek Recycling, provide certificates to our corporate clients for recycling their e-waste with us. Certification is way of treating our clients for their conscientious approach while disposing their e-waste. This certificate validates the contribution of the concerned company in their e-waste donation, recycling and disposal efforts. This certificate is an auditable document that provides immunity to the producer organization from inquiry by any external body. It authenticates the fact that the company has recycled and disposed their electronic and electrical waste through an authorized e-waste management company.

The certificate clearly mentions the name of the organization; the amount (kgs) of e-waste recycled within the time period and carries the license number of Hulladek Recycling. It usually takes around 45 days from the date of the pick-up for issuing a recycling certificate. The certificate is only provided when the whole recycling process has been completed.