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The Recycling Procedure

The mission to recycle the e-waste and drive towards sustainable world is the crux behind our business. The first step to recycling is a proper collection mechanism which tries to consolidate the e-waste in a formal channel. We help organisation in setting up collection points and ensure collection of material to meet their EPR targets. Our team of professionals chalk out the operational plan according to the requirement of the organisation, this helps in meeting the recycling goal of every organisation to the maximum limit. We try to off-load the added responsibility of e-waste recycling from the producer organization and act on their behalf.

Right after the collection process the e-waste is transferred to the various dismantling/recycling partners across the country in their state-of-the-art facilities. There the e-waste recycling process is initiated; the e-waste is segregated and is sent to different channels according to its category and system of disposal. After this the e-waste is lined up for sorting, dismantling and shredding this process is also popularly known as de-manufacturing. During this process the maximum emphasis is laid on the safest extraction of hazardous elements in a controlled environment, which guarantees zero health or environmental hazards and maximum recovery of the metals. The extracted hazardous elements are purged to safeguard humans and environment from its potential threat. The purified hazardous elements are afterwards put to use in various industry as manufacturing agents as per the requirement. It also helps in reducing the carbon foot-prints, all this is made possible by the use of latest technology and highly skilled professionals in the recycling process.

The term urban-miner is often associated with us as we help bring the metals to its purest/natural form. This allows the use of recycled metals in the manufacturing process without mining natural resources from the earth’s core every time. The biggest problem of depleting resources is tackled and alternate way of meeting the need of raw metals is developed. This is a sustainable alternative which keeps the environment safe and provide for a better future. We provide easy and effective recycling options to our clients, they can manage their e-waste with the help of our services. This not only helps them fulfil their Extended Producer Responsibility, but also provides immunity from legal actions.