Spot us on the roads

Spot us on the roads


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Foraying into your streets, Hulladek embarks on a journey across Kolkata. Hulladek Recycling collaborates with TaxiTop Media to venture into transit advertising for the first

In the last couple of months, there has been a significant rise in the use of Uber and Ola Cabs. In India, on an average, 230000 rides are taken in a single day on any weekday. Transit advertising is becoming a powerful tool in increasing reach and frequency. Car wrapping in several cabs can grab attention and help communicate with a varied audience.


Starting from December 15 to March end, 25 cabs across the city of Kolkata will be sporting Hulladek banners. We hope to create brand awareness amongst the city-dwellers with our slogan, “E-waste de jao, Rewards le jao”.


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